Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor (L) is MP for South Dayi and Godfred Yeboah Dame (L) is Minister of Justice and Attorney General
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The charge sheet spelling out the details of the Cecilia Dapaah matter has been amended about five times with the monies involved being “concocted” according to South Dayi MP, Rockson Nelson Dafeamekpor.

The MP has alleged that the Attorney-General is taking such an action to subdue the apprehension that has been caused by the value of the money involved in the Cecilia Dapaah matter.

He has described the act as unethical and unacceptable while making a contribution on TV3’s the KeyPoints Saturday, August 12, 2023.

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According to him, the Attorney-General’s figures are inconsistent with that of the prosecutor which tells how the former is allegedly truncating the facts of the matter to minimise the enormity of the shock associated with the sum involved.

“Even if an initial AG’s advice was not sought, what they attempted to do by what we lawyers call concoction of facts…they concocted the facts as to the figures contained in the complainants’ against the suspects, now accused persons.

“This is about the fifth time the charge sheet has been amended so the latest will take precedence over all the other charge sheets. So the latest set of facts as given by now the prosecution and investigator is at gross variance with what the Attorney-General has put up.

“The AG in fact issued this advice and publicised it for all manner of people to believe that these are the truer facts. A fact that vary from the original fact essentially to say that the quantum of the money and the determination of ownership of these monies were actually not of the person who is the complainant but a relative of the complainant so the nation should be rest assured that to the extent that we are alleging corruption and all that, that may not be the case, it’s actually a family property that is under her care and trust,” he established.

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Meanwhile, the legislator says “the investigators have come out to say that the complainant now is insisting that the monies were her money. That is where I find the conduct of the Attorney-General unacceptable and unethical.”

Mr. Dafeamekpor further explained that, but for the amount involved in the matter, everyone would have sympathised with Cecilia Dapaah unlike it has been the case now where the quoted sums are sensing shivers down the spine of Ghanaians.

“What has made this matter nationally and gloabally topical is the quantum of money. If you enter your boss’s bedroom and steal 10,000, 20,000 because of the calibre of the office she held until recently, we would have sympathised with her but it’s the quantum of the amount of money stolen that is what has shocked the conscience of the nation and made this matter very topical.

“That is what has shocked the conscience of the nation and made this matter topical. For the AG to be varrying the figure downwards so that the conscience of the nation will not get shocked is what is unethical of an Attorney General work of a sort,” he indicated.

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