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A claim made by the Chief of Coaltar, Barima Okekrebisi Asiedu II that the Akufo-Addo government has not given them any project for their 7 years in office has been debunked by the Ayensuano District Assembly in the Eastern region. 

At an installation ceremony of five sub-chiefs in the area, the Chief, Barima Asiedu II blasted the government for relegating their roads to turn to death traps and potholes.

The assembly provided a response to the chief’s claim by listing some projects the government has undertaken in the area including those in progress.

Presiding Member of the assembly, Benjamin Bredu, at a press conference Saturday, April 1, 2023 asked the chief to render an apology to the President for dragging his name into the mud.

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The Assembly stated that government has not meddled in the affairs of the traditional authority as the chief sought to have stated.

They accused the chief and his council of selling some lands which have been secured for the expansion of the Coaltar health centre, Health Directorate, and Police to unknown investors.

“Neither the DCE nor the Assembly is interfering with chieftaincy issues. Rather it’s the Coaltar Chief and his Council who have plotted and wanting to sell facilities and lands belonging to the government under the watch of the Assembly”.

“For this reason, the Assembly and the DCE have still behaviour to resist Coaltar Chief and his Council from their ill behavior which is against the Assembly regulations and administrative procedures, hence one of the reasons for attacking the President due to his selfish interest,” the New Crusading Guide had quoted.

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On road construction, he said the government has begun the reconstruction of the major roads in the Kraboa/Coaltar including rehabilitating some of the community roads of about 36 kilometers in the District.

On infrastructural projects, he said the Ayensuano District including Coaltar has benefited from the Construction of the six-unit classroom at Presbyterian Senior High School, the Construction of the market at Kpakpotse, the Construction of durbar grounds at Coaltar, the Construction of a three-unit classroom block at Apiatu, Construction of Durbar grounds at Asuboi among others.

He added that “Here are the projects but few that we can mention proving that the NPP government has not rejected us, they are; Krabokese Chip’s compound and nurses Bangalow, Anum Apapam Health Centre, and Nurses Bangalow, Kuano Chips Compound with Nurses Bangalow, Asuboi Health Centre, Bepoase Chip’s compound, District Complex court and Magistrate Bangalow, Road construction from Adoagyiri to Oworam, and One district one warehouse project.

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“We want to clear doubt and be frank that the efforts of Josephine Awuku Ansaa Inkoom (District Chief Executive) towards Ayensuano development are overwhelming and that we cannot sacrifice her for any tangible reason as an Assembly and NPP. We urge you all to ignore the press statement by Nana Okekrebesi Coaltar Chief and his council that it has no substance but their actions are fuelled by their capricious interest against the development of his people,” the Presiding Member stated.