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A group of traditional priests known as United Fetish Priests Association has threatened to storm Parliament with eggs and schnapps to invoke curses on Members of Parliament if they vote against the Anti Gay Bill before the House.

According to the Association, such a decision by the Legislature would be a betrayal of Ghana’s tradition and culture and advised the MPs to prioritise the nation’s interest over money.

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President of the Association, Nana Mosi Bansere speaking with OnuaOnline in a telephone interview said, “our tradition, culture, gods, rivers, dwarfs, ghost, and other spirits surrounding our country frown on LGBTQI+ so we (United Fetishist Priest Association) will go after them with eggs and Schnapps if they vote against the Bill. We don’t trust them, we will resist LGBTQI+ with our last breath,” he vowed.

It will be recalled that the President of the Association, Nana Mosi Bansere, in 2017 lamented to the media about how government had neglected the traditional priests from national events.

He predicted Ghana will legalise same sex marriage if religious groups didn’t pray against it but was quick to add that government knew they (traditional priests) will never support such evil act hence excluding them from governance.

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In his recent utterance about the issue, Nana Mosi added “the toil and the blood of our forefathers will be in vain and they will regret sacrificing their blood for Ghana” and will therefore demand answers from traditional priests if they didn’t support the fight against same sex marriage and called on traditional rulers to wake up.