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President of the United Fetish Priests Association (UFPA) Nana Mosi Bansere has disclosed that the approval of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill has almost been lost in the spiritual realm but for the insistence of some three top persons in the country.

He says the opposition of the three is what has delayed the processes but they’re being engaged to to rescind their stance.

In a telephone interview exclusive to OnuaOnline, Monday, April 3, 2023, Nana Bansere Mosi said the decision of the three persons is hinged on the approval or rejection of one person who is the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia.

He says the bill would have been passed against the will of the state, in other words, it would have been rejected if Bawumia had consented to support it.

It therefore had to be delayed to try to convince him to change his mind to get it rejected according to Nana Bansere.

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“Spiritually the vote is going against us (Ghana). That’s what the gods are telling us and that’s why we are kicking against it.

“There are 3 people who are refusing to give their spiritual backing to get the Bill rejected. The person is doing so because of his spiritual background. His religion doesn’t support that,” he indicated.

Asked who the person is, Nana Bansere said “you see the Vice President, Bawumia, because he is a Muslim, he doesn’t want to sign.”

When told the Executive assent for the approval of a bill is only done by the President, the vice exclusive, he said “it is a battle in the spiritual realm and Bawumia is the one opposing it.”

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Meanwhile, he said the moment the act would be welocmed in the country, it will alter the biological makeup of Ghanaians as humans to become animals in the spiritual realm.

The Association, has meanwhile, threatened to storm Parliament with eggs and schnapps to invoke curses on Members of Parliament if they vote against the Bill.

They say such a decision by the Legislature would be a betrayal of Ghana’s tradition and culture and advised the MPs to prioritise the nation’s interest over money.

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“Our tradition, culture, gods, rivers, dwarfs, ghosts, and other spirits surrounding our country frown on LGBTQI+ so we (United Fetishist Priest Association) will go after them with eggs and Schnapps if they vote against the Bill. We don’t trust them, we will resist LGBTQI+ with our last breath,” he vowed.

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Nana Bansere added that “the toil and the blood of our forefathers will be in vain and they will regret sacrificing their blood for Ghana” and will therefore demand answers from traditional priests if they don’t support the fight against same sex marriage and called on traditional rulers to wake up.