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An aspiring parliamentary candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Jomoro Constituency of the Western region, Francis Kwaido Ackatia says the entire inhabitants of Jomoro will never forgive the NDC delegates who would be voting in May 13, 2023, should they fail to vote for him.

Mr. Ackatia said it is time for him to be given the chance to change the fortunes of Jomoro, hence his assertion that the inhabitants will never forgive them should they reject him for the third time.

“Indeed, just like many party faithful, Kwaidoo believes that Hon Dorcas Affo-Toffey may have done her best and contributed her quota to the development forward much of Jomoro but the hard truth is that, her best is unfortunately not entirely to help the NDC break the four,” Mr. Ackatia said during his campaign to most of the communities.

His campaign has taken him to almost the entire Jomoro Constituency such as Tikobo, Half Assini, Elubo, just to mention but a few.

“The good people of Jomoro will never forgive us should we let them down at this critical and crucial moment by allowing the status quo to continue. That will be eternally unpardonable and unforgettable,” he said.

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The aspirant said “in other to avoid committing such unpardonable mistake, we as delegates must capitalize on the opportunity that May 13th offers us”.
“May 13th gives us the chance to put in motion our innate intensions and our unquenchable desires to have our party break the four. I mean to restore our party back to its glorious days when we won and ruled Jomoro with much more comfortable margins,” he added.

Mr. Ackatia reminded the NDC delegates not to forget the position of the NDC party in the current state.

He asked them to choose a leader that can’t unite and work with people with diverse opinions and bring an end to the existing internal wranglings in party.

Mr. Ackatia promised to help solve the problems of unemployment, hopelessness, hunger, just to mention but few”.

He explained that the painful experience of some forerunners and facial expressions of delegates is an indication that the economy is taking a toll on their lives.

He advised the delegates to choose him to also make their lives better by empowering them at the branch level, resource them to build their capacity to revive the dwindling interest in the party.

Mr. Ackatia said “a time to listen to concerns, A time to share opportunities and build consensus, a time to bring job and infinitives to the people”.
“A time to form committee made up of delegates and branch executives to run the affairs of the party at the constituency level. That is the reason why the people must vote for this positive, progressive change. It will be an error if they miss thus opportunity”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|OnuaNews