#FixTheCountry: Ghanaians would tag you with a political party – Akwaboah
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According to Akwaboah, he has no idea about the #FixTheCountry demonstration happening today. In his defence, he would prefer to distance himself from such activism for fear of being tagged with a political party.

Akwaboah disclosed his silence on the #FixTheCountry agenda to Mz Gee during an interview on the NewDay show. He revealed that most celebrities have been silent on championing this agenda because they don’t want to be associated with any political party.

“The thing is, it is not like we don’t want to talk about it. But Ghanaians, some of us, have a way of politicizing everything that comes. So you might want to talk about it, but then the moment you start talking about it, they think you are NPP or NDC. That is why sometimes we would want to rather stay back and not say anything about it. But then definitely, it would have been something good to talk about, but if you are not careful, you would be tagged.”


Upon further probing, Akwaboah shared his morning routine, which involved his primary passion, music. He said, “Me waking up in the morning thinking of what to do. Songs that I have, incomplete songs that I want to do and then going to the studio to go and finish it up. That’s all I think about.”

Akwaboah is set to release his newest album called the Lighthouse Album. Lighthouse because highlife is the light of the Ghanaian music genre.

“We must understand that regardless of the genres we are doing in Ghana, highlife is our light. When you step out of Ghana to other countries, and they ask you, what kind of songs do Ghanaians do, the only thing that would come into your mind is highlife.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana