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The Chairman of the Ghana Hajj Board, Ben Abdallah Banda, on behalf of government, has expressed gratitude to God for the general safety of Ghanaian pilgrims in this year’s Hajj.

The pilgrims begin their journey back home after a successful Hajj.

Ghana’s official contingent to this year’s pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, was about 4,000 and in the midst of hundreds of reported deaths attributed to excessive heat, the Hajj Board Chairman was excited as the contingent returns home safely.

The first set of Ghanaian pilgrims left Jeddah for Tamale Wednesday, July 3 and the second group are scheduled to leave Jeddah Thursday afternoon and arrive in Tamale in the night.

Chairman Ben Abdallah Banda, accompanied by some members of the Hajj Board, saw off the departing pilgrims at the airport in Jeddah to complete their departure formalities.

As the excited pilgrims awaited their flight, the Chairman and the board members interacted with them and shared in their glory, thanking God and praying for a safe return home, as well as the rest of the contingent, who are all scheduled to return home by early next week.

“We thank the Almighty Allah for a successful Hajj, and we wish you all a safe return back home,” the Hajj Board Chairman said.

According to flight schedule, there will be five flights to Tamale, and with two already processed, the last flight to Tamale is scheduled for Saturday, July 6, the same day Accra’s first flight will start.

Accra is expected to have four flights and the last one is scheduled for Tuesday, July 9.