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Flag bearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has criticised the Vice President’s symbolic attribution of the state as a commercial vehicle.

Hassan Ayariga says Ghana has not been reduced to a toy for people to be struggling for the steering wheel. According to him, persons seeking Ghanaians’ mandate to lead the State after the December 07 polls should president themselves as serious people for Ghanaians to make informed choice.

Mr. Ayariga thinks the Vice President’s ‘hand me the steering’ comments is as a result of taking the citizenry for granted.

His comments follow the trivialisation of the presidency on political campaign platforms, specifically by the Vice President, regarding his symbolic demand for the handing over of a mythical steer to him.

On Onua TV’s morning show, Maakye, Thursday, July 04, 2024, the flag bearer of the APC said “we have everything that can change our country but we’ve given the country to people who take us for granted and say… I don’t want to mention names, ‘fa steer no ma me‘ [hand over the steering to me] and all that. We have not reduced Ghana to a toy where everybody is struggling to get a steer. We have to present ourselves so that the Ghanaian people can vote for us.”

He also questioned the Vice President’s locus to demand another term from Ghanaians when all his party has done it to worsen the plight of the people.

“Right now, the NPP’s problem is not about breaking the ‘8’, it’s about finishing the ‘8’. It’s a big problem. If you can’t finish the 8 well, how do you break the 8? You have an economy where the cedi is the worst performing currency in the world. GHC4.00 to the dollar, Ghanaians rejected President Mahama. And Vice President Bawumia, at GHC16.00 to the dollar, he wants to be President,” he wondered.

He questioned if the fundamentals of the economy change under different administrations.

“So, I don’t know if the economic fundamentals are different when it comes to certain people?” he noted.

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