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Popular dancer, DanceGod Llyod has dismissed any underlying bitter relationship with his former manager at DWP Academy, Quables.

Quables, has recently been at DanceGod Llyod for publicly praising himself as the first Ghanaian dancer to be verified on TikTok after earning the recognition.

He tweeted, “in Ghana when a dancer has nothing to do anymore he starts to celebrate verification” Quables said shortly after DanceGod Llyod made his post.

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Prior to his recent attack against DanceGod Llyod, both have been alleged to be in sour relationship after DanceGod Lloyd exited the DWP Academy back in 2022 without any notice to any member.

However, speaking to YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, DanceGod Llyod explained that he is still good friends with Quables.

He wondered why his former manager would make such a tweet towards him when he bears no grudge with him.

“There is nothing. I didn’t not have any conversation with anybody before leaving. I just woke up and left DWP…We were brothers that succeeded with something beautiful.

“I love Quables genuinely. I don’t have any problem with Quables. He love me but i do not know [he would make such a post]. I post everything I had to do…I’m okay and very cool. We have had plenty conversations so I don’t know,” he said.

DanceGod Llyod emphasized that he has worked with different people in the creative arts industry, hence any unsavory post is not necessarily directed towards Quables as he has suffered disappointment from several people.

Clarifying a tweet he made in October last year, the dancer said it was not directed at Quables.

“I have worked with many people. Some people have treated me very bad in the industry and it is not to do with anybody that has to do with dance. I am a human being aside a dancer, if I say something, why do you tag it with dancers I have worked with in the past,” he questioned.

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According to him, he left the academy to embark on his own purpose for his career.

“What I want to do in life is to help people aside working on myself as an individual…If I get any opportunity I take it. Okay I took my L but what did I use it for?” he stated.

Quables and DanceGod Llyod co-founded the famous Dance With Purpose (DWP) Academy to train dancers and establish careers.

Both were old students of Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School with Quables being DanceGod Llyod’s junior back then.

DanceGod noted that he has always been a dancer back in secondary school and decided to chart the dance path after he met with Quables at a dance shoot scene.

Prior to the meeting, he noted that they both knew each other back in school but were not really close. He explained that after a few conversations they decide to set up DWP together and now it had become an established house churning out very talented dancers.