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Quables, former manager of popular Ghanaian Dancer, DanceGod Llyod has been criticized on X for belittling DanceGod Lloyd’s TikTok verification.

The Ghanaian Dancer on April 17 tweeted about his verification as the first Ghanaian dancer to be verified on TikTok with over 2 million followers.

Following his post on Twitter, Ghanaians congratulated the dancer and heaped praises on him urging him to go higher with his exploits.

However, his former manager, Quables in a tweet questioned the essence of DanceGod Llyod’s’ celebration of his TikTok verification in a subtle post directed at the dancer.

He tweeted, “in Ghana when a dancer has nothing to do anymore he starts to celebrate verification.”

His comment has since generated backlash against him for positing what internet users say is a “toxic” attitude.

One user said, “how did we get here! Never known u to be this toxic, Quables.”

Another tweeted, “lol, he’s living rent free in your mind anaa? I don’t know your rivalry but You can’t deny DanceGod Lloyd is the biggest in Ghana at the moment.”

“He is still better than you anyways… he’s a global dancer so what’s your point?” an X user tweeted.

“In Ghana, when people see you do better than them, they start to hate. Dance god is not your mate bro, he’s operating in a different realm of grace,” another comment read.

The duo have a sour relationship after DanceGod Llyod parted ways with his manager in 2022 following allegations of a bad blood between the dancer and his colleagues at Dance With Purpose Academy (DWP).

His exit came after the dancer was excluded from the group of performers who performed as back up dancers for American singer, Usher at the Global Citizen concert.

Quables in a tweet defended his comment against the dancer’s TikTok verification.

He said, “Ask him to really tell you about me, if nothing has gone wrong or keeps going on I will never come at him like that . He knows what he is doing.”

Quable supported his tweet with an old video of the dancer on Delay’s Show commending him (Quables) for his guidance at the beginning of his career.