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The passage of the Right to Information and other steps taken by President Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo towards corruption, he says, shows how committed his government has been towards fighting the menace. 

The President says he prefers due process in fighting the menace rather than rushing to punish wrongdoing despite the criticisms that have tagged him for being slow on the canker. He explains that it is better justice takes place even if it takes longer.

Speaking at the Annual Bar Conference of the Ghana Bar Association in Cape Coast Monday, September 11, 2023, he said his government has done a yeoman’s job with regards to mechanisms adopted to fight corruption.

“It is not my job to clear or convict any person accused of wrongdoing, or of engaging in acts of corruption. That is the job of the courts and the law enforcement agencies. My job is to act on allegations of corruption by referring the issue or issues to the proper investigative agencies for the relevant enquiry and action, including, if necessary, the suspension of the affected official, pending the conclusion of investigations. That is exactly what has been done since I assumed the mantle of leadership on 7th January 2017. The latest episode involving the former Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah, is evident for all to see.”

He noted that equality before the law is in full force when it comes to dealing with corruption, with nobody being exempted.

He reiterated how the public institutions have operated independently without any manipulation the Executive.

“None of the accountability institutions of the state including the new Office of the Special Prosecutor has ever indicated any pressure from the executive over their investigations. There are some who refuse to accept my method of proceedings and have characterised me as a clearing agent because for them, the mere allegations without more is enough to merit condemnation of the public official and for my part, I will not set aside due process in the fight against corruption.

“With a clear understanding, corruption thrives in an atmosphere conducive to its consumption and access to information is a vital tool in the fight against corruption and my government in its first term ensured the passage of the Right to Information Act in order to give true meaning and effect to the fight against corruption.”

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