Prof. Ransford Gyampo is is a lecturer at the University of Ghana
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The chocking of a student of the Adisadel College by his colleague and subsequent smashing of his head on a metal bunk bed has stirred emotions leading to a Professor threatening to burn down a school should such dastard treatment be meted out to his son.

During a deliberation on the issue Saturday, July 29, 2023, on TV3’s The Key Points, Professor Ransford Gyampo of the University of Ghana Political Science department noted the manner with which the young boy was injured by his colleague to the extent that he nearly chocked him to death before hitting his face on the metal bed was so inhumane that the Headmaster of the school where his son studies should ensure no such thing happens to him.

After calling for the Headmaster to be interdicted, Prof. Gyampo issued a strong warning to the authorities of the school where his son studies to ensure no such thing happens to him or else, be prepared to go to jail for the consequences of his actions.

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“My son is in a secondary school, I’m sounding this warning to the authorities there, that, if this happens to my son, we’ll burn down the school. I’m prepared to go to jail in defense of my son, I’m telling you! And so, I’m calling on the Director General of Ghana Education Service that he should act because he acted swiftly in interdicting a Headmistress who had no hand okay, in what parents had decided to do in support of a school.

“I’ve not watched the video until right now that you showed it to me that I started shedding tears. You hold somebody’s neck and to smash his head against a metal bunk bed, I mean it is inhuman and this boy has he got a mother, does he have a father? I’m talking about the guy who did that, has he got parents? Has he got any business doing in that school,” he quizzed

Prof. Gyampo called for standards to be set to make school authorities proactive on certain incidents that occur in the various senior high schools. He said a sanction to the ADISCO Headmaster will serve as deterrent to other Heads of institutions to act well to prevent similar incidents from happening.

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“After this programme, I will place a personal call to the Director General of the Ghana Education Service and demand that if he was swift enough to interdict the Headmistress of my school [WASS], I expect him to be very swift in calling this headmaster to order. We will not rest on this matter, we’ll petition the highest office of the land for some drastic actions to be taken,” he stressed.

He says the Attorney General’s prosecution of the matter, though good, will be a one-time solution but wants something that would deter all Headmasters from allowing such things from happening.

“I want all headmasters to begin to halt the dereliction and over-delegation of their duties to Housemasters and always playing a certain bossy role that this role is for Housemasters and so for us it’s not…so the headmaster must be sanctioned.”

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