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Hassan Ayariga is founder and leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) and he says the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) biggest problem is not breaking the ‘8’ but rather ‘finishing the ‘8’.

He says the ruling party has not been able to consume what is in front of them but is rather asking for another, which he thinks is problematic.

The businessman cum politician says he can’t fathom why the NPP is seeking to extend its mandate when they have squandered the opportunity given to them.

Speaking with Captain Smart on Onua TV’s Maakye Thursday, July 04, 2024, the former flag bearer of the People’s National Convention noted that he doesn’t see the need for the NPP to be asking for term extension when they have performed poorly to set Ghana’s economy backwards.

He analyses that if John Mahama managed the dollar at GHC4.00, he doesn’t see why Dr. Bawumia should be asking for power after trading the dollar for GHC16.00.

Ayariga asserted that although the state has much resources, it is being administered by people who have taken the citizens for granted, thereby doing things haphazardly to serve their parochial interest.

“We have everything that can change our country but we’ve given the country to people who take us for granted and say… I don’t want to mention names, ‘fa steer no ma me‘ [hand over the steering to me] and all that.

“We have not reduced Ghana to a toy where everybody is struggling to get a steer. We have to present ourselves so that the Ghanaian people can vote for us.

“Right now, the NPP’s problem is not about breaking the ‘8’, it’s about finishing the ‘8’. It’s a big problem. If you can’t finish the 8 well, how do you break the 8? You have an economy where the cedi is the worst performing currency in the world. GHC4.00 to the dollar, Ghanaians rejected President Mahama. And Vice President Bawumia, at GHC16.00 to the dollar, he wants to be President,” he wondered.

He questioned if the fundamentals of the economy change under different administrations.

“So, I don’t know if the economic fundamentals are different when it comes to certain people?” he noted.

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