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A 25-year-old level 200 student is two months pregnant for her sister’s husband.

In an interaction between the young lady and a pastor aired on Onua FM’s drive time show, Efie Ne Fie Friday, April 14, 2023, the young lady said her sister and the husband suggested she joined them in their house after gaining admission since their abode was closer to her school.

According to the young lady, they treated her so well during her stay with them.

She said whilst watching television together one day, the sister whose birthday was a month away made a ‘silly’ request as the gift she wanted on her birthday.

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“She told her husband she wants to do something she had never done with him before in her upcoming birthday which is in a month’s time. And the man asked her what that thing was and my sister replied she wants to get another lady in addition to her to do threesome,” she narrated.

The young lady continued that: “So the husband asked her where she would get a lady to do the threesome she is requesting. And she said that shouldn’t be a problem because left with a lady “my little sister is there”, that’s me. When she said it we all thought it was a joke and laughed over it and played around it.”

“So we all went out on the birthday and had fun. We took in different types of alcohol. That was my first time of taking in alcohol. I had never taken alcohol before. The three of us all got drunk so I don’t remember how we got home. But the next morning, I saw myself, my sister, my sister’s husband, on the same bed, naked! My sister’s husband had sex with me and my sister and we were all naked on the same bed,” she continued.

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Asantewaa (not her real name) added there had been tension in the house since the incident before her menstruation ceased for two months.

After confronting the sister’s husband and telling him she hadn’t menstruated for the past two months, she said the man had sex with her again.

When asked why she allowed the man to have sex with her again, she said “he told me not to touch the pregnancy. I should keep it for him because my sister has not been able to give him a child after 5 years of being married and he loves me and he is going to marry me.”

The 25-year-old lady added she is now in love with her sister’s husband and ready to get married to him and she was asked if she is also in love with him.

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She also disclosed that her sister is aware of the pregnancy but did not say anything when she told her about it.

The level 200 lady says she is now in love with the sister’s husband and wants to marry him.

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