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A young woman found out her husband was cheating on Valentine’s Day and left him. Six years later, her ex-husband needs her help, but she is confused since the feelings of hurt and betrayal from his actions are still ringing in her ears.

According to her, she found out about the other woman when her husband did not mention the Valentine’s Day gifts –money bouquet and cologne – she sent to his office.

She said this piqued her curiosity. After investigating, she found out that her husband plans to relocate from Ghana to the UK with his mistress. Instead of confronting him, she cleaned their joint account and left for the States.

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“He was planning on leaving the marriage. He wanted to make a fool out of me, leave with the woman, empty our joint account and start living with her in the UK,” she narrated.

After six years, she is back in Ghana but has heard that her ex-husband is bedridden from an accident he suffered because he was devasted by her taking all their money and leaving.

“He is in the hospital cripple. He can get better, but they don’t have the money for the surgery. I’m comfortable. I can afford it, but I’m feeling some unforgiving vibes. I’m not ready to forgive, but I feel a bit guilty for what I did six years ago.”

She wants to know if she should forget every pain he caused her and pay for his surgery.

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