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Ghanaian Dancer and dance instructor with DWP Academy, Champion Rolie has said that the craft is reaping much benefits than it used to.

Speaking in a recent interview on The Afternoon Show on TV3, Champion Rolie whose real name is Roland Frimpong Nyarko said his first pay as a dancer was GH₵50 some eight years ago.

Reflecting on his achievements as compared to the past, Champion Rolie explained that dancing has now attracted much attention and professional dancers, particularly himself are reaping benefits from their craft.

“Gone are the days that people didn’t respect dance…it started from somewhere and now

“Daning pays. Now I would say it does because when I started, my first pay was GH₵50 in 2017 but now by God’s Grace I have signed big contracts and so on my side with what I am seeing, I would say yes, it pays,” he stated.

Champion Rolie is one of the dance instructors at Dance With Purpose (DWP) Academy nurturing young talents and providing dance lessons.


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