No plastic surgery, my flat stomach is natural – Sefa
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According to Delay, Dr Yily De Los Santos performed plastic surgery on Sefa in the Dominican Republic. But Sefa denied and insisted that her perfect body is au-naturale.

In an interview on the Delay show, Sefa has disclosed that her tiny waist and perfectly taut butt is from the miraculous works of the gym. She made known that she is a hard worker when it comes to maintaining her exquisite body.

Even though Delay persisted and threw in the name of the alleged doctor who performed the operation, Sefa stood her ground on her all-natural body narrative. Delay said, “Like going under the knife. You did. And the doctor who attended to you is called Los Santos. You know who she is. Because the hospital posted before and after.”

“I am a very healthy person. I eat very good. And I also make sure that I train here and there. I have somebody that comes to the house to train me. I have always had a very flat tummy. I have always been like this. It’s just that I wasn’t very comfortable in my skin. I was very shy, and I always had something to say about myself. But it’s now that I am embracing myself. So I wear whatever I want to wear,” Sefa responded.

Sefa also let on that she has never been to the Dominican Republic. She mentioned that she has no qualms about having plastic surgery, but she hasn’t had a procedure herself.

“I don’t have any problem with anybody who has gone under the knife. Because I feel like you have the right to do whatever you want to do to your body.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana