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A Staff of the Ghana Police Service met his untimely death at Tema Community 25 Estate Junction on the Dawhenya stretch on Sunday, July 24, 2022.

The Motorway Command of the Ghana National Fire Service received the distress accident call at 21:52 hours and got to the scene only to realise a gory accident involving a Sino Tipper Truck with registration number GG 1887-21 and a BMW with registration number GR 772-X.

It was observed that, the Sino Tipper Truck which was loaded with sand and heading towards Tema had crushed a BMW that was heading towards Dawhenya, killing instantly the occupant identified to be a Staff of the Ghana Police Service.

The trapped lifeless body of the affected person was however extricated and retrieved by Personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service and handed over to the MTTD of the Ghana Police Service for preservation and further investigation.

The BMW was badly mangled beyond repairs while the Sino Tipper truck suffered some partial damage on its lower portions of the head compartment.

The cause of the accident is not readily known. The occupants in the Sino Tipper Truck were not affected by the crash.

Source: Police PRO, Tema Region|