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The 2022 mid-year budget review presented by the Finance Minister in Parliament Monday, July 25, 2022 is “an insult to Ghanaians”, Finance analyst, Michael Nii Yarboi Annan, has said.

According to him, the review should not have happened at all.

His assertion, he notes stem from the reality government is hiding from the people for fear of being tagged a failure.

“You’re holding on to the reality because you fear we’ll say you’ve failed. The government is ruling with reckless people. The President is asleep. If not, this midyear review should not have happened. It’s an insult to us as Ghanaians.

“You know the solution to your problems but you have ignored it. Our politics in Africa, we want to look good everywhere. We are not honest with money. We want to look good when in fact we are not good. We generalise everything and say we are good rather than being detailed with the reality.

“Why waste our time in Parliament? Yesterday, he said virtually nothing. I think our only hope is for the Parliament to save this nation. We should speak to our conscience,” he jabbed.

Even though Mr. Annan says politicians know the antidote to Ghana’s ailment, they have ignored and resorted to cosmetics, without painting the reality to Ghanaians.

He bemoaned the rate at which people lie their way to power, tagging the Vice President to spell the reality to Ghanaians.

“The rhetoric they dwell on to come to power is also a problem. One person who must be so honest to the people of Ghana is the Veep. He should say that we failed. Let’s all put our heads together and chart a new part. But when officialdom tells us we are good, that’s when the printing of unapproved monies come in,” he indicated.

By Felix Anim-Appau|