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Tension is high at the Headquarters of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) over the refusal of John Eddynash Nasamu to relocate to his newly transferred office at the Tema Transit Yard.

The refusal is creating confusion and misunderstanding among the staff at the headquarters as staff do not understand why Mr. Nasamu has refused to leave his current office in Accra to his new post.

Mr. Eddynash Nasamu, according to some of the staff, has been working with the Auctions Department of the Customs Division of the GRA for the past five years until he was transferred in September 2022 to the Transit Yard.

A memo signed by the Chief Revenue Officer for the GRA, Akua Apiani-Brobbe on September 29, 2022, and copied to Acting Commissioner of the Customs Division, Deputy Commissioner of Ports Operations and Head of Transit cited by OnuaOnline indicates Mr. Eddynash Nasamu has been transferred since June 2022, but was deferred for three months.

The memo states “we write in response to your memo dated 31st August, 2022 petitioning the Authority against the posting of John Eddynash Nasamu”.

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It further says “this is to inform you that Management has upheld the request and has deferred for three months (ie, January 2023) basis on the final stage of the E-Auction Project.”
It added that “by a copy of this memo, Mr. John E. Nasamu is to take note and comply accordingly.”

But the workers say they do not understand why Mr. Eddynash Nasamu is still at post at the Auctions Unit in the month of March, two months after the extension of his transfer.

They explained that Mr. Eddynash Nasamu was given a mandate to help finish the E-Auction Project but he is still at post despite the completion of the project.

They have accused the Deputy Commissioner, one Mr. Ohene as harbouring Mr. Nasamu.

They explained that that Mr. Eddynash Nasamu always comes to the office early in the morning and hide in the office of Mr. Ohene till the close of day instead of moving to his new post.

The workers are alleging that anytime they complain of the continues stay of Mr. Eddynash Nasamu at the Headquarters they are not attended to.

They are therefore calling on the Finance Ministry, the Commissioner and other stakeholders to intervene in the issue since Mr. Ohene is also harbouring some National Service Personnel who have ended their service for the past three years.

When contacted, the Commissioner, Seidu Iddirisu explained that he was not aware Mr. Nasamu is still hidden in any office.

“I will check up and see. I am not aware he is still in that office”. Mr. Iddirisu said “I called the officer in charge and he says he is no more with the Unit. He is currently with the Transit Unit. Yes. I even went ahead and called the head of the Transit Unit and he confirmed that he is under his Unit. I will pay a surprise visit there tomorrow to see if he is there,” he disclosed.

The commissioner explained that Mr. Nasamu was not present at the time of his visit. “Yes. He was not there when I visited” even though the workers insist Mr. Nasamu still comes to the office.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|OnuaNews|