Hamid Lellou is a mediator & conflict resolution specialist based in Washington, D.C
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A U.S-based Algerian Conflict Resolution specialist, Hamid Lellou, has attributed the coup d’etats in the West African sub-region to Western influence and poor leadership within the bloc.

Lellou, the Washington D.C mediator says Africa has it all in terms of wealth but has allowed “Military coups, corruption, bad governance, infinite strife” and other mishaps to befall it due to lack of leadership will, allowing foreign influence to spearhead their decisions.

Speaking with Captain Smart on Maakye Thursday, August 17, 2023, on Onua TV/FM, he noted that it was time Africans themselves realised they themselves were part of the challenges they are facing to help them find a lasting solution to their woes.

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“…It’s time for it to stop we can’t stop it. Despite external factors playing a role in Africa, it’s about time for Africa to realise and admit that we are responsible for what’s going on in our continent,” he said.

Lellou was speaking on the recent coups in the sub-region with ECOWAS planning on deploying troops to Niger to restore the ousted president Mohamed Bouzom to power.

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