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The first date often reveals whether two people really like each other or not. Women, during a date, will try to find out whether the man next to them is the right one or not. Let’s see what women pay attention to on a first date.

On the first date women can notice a number of things that they find important in determining compatibility and attractiveness.

Among these things can be personality trait, style of dressing, grooming, way of speaking, gestures, behaviour and much more.

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Below we will look at some of these things that women often notice on a first date.

10 things women notice on a first date

So what is that mysterious thing that attracts a woman – her attention?

1. the way how a man holds utensils for a dish, or knows how to use utensils in a way that shows good education and culture.

2. Cleanliness of shoes and how they are dressed. Women usually pay attention to details such as clean shoes, appropriate clothing, well-groomed hair and manicured nails.

3. the way how he behaves towards the people around him, such as waiters, doormen, and other people you meet on a date.

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4. the way how he treats animals, if you meet a pet or see a dog on the street.

5. Ability maintaining eye contact, which can indicate confidence and openness.

6. Ability to listen and interest in what the woman is saying, instead of talking only about himself.

7. the way how he behaves on social networks. Or he gossips about them and conquers others.

8. Sense of humor, which can indicate that the man is relaxed and a pleasant interlocutor.

9. the way how he shows attention and concern for the woman. For example, whether he asks her how her day was, or brings her a small gift or flowers.

10. the way how he behaves in stressful situations, such as being late for a date or an unplanned event. This may indicate his ability to adapt and cope with stressful situations.