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At Ayimom, a community in the Berekum West municipality of the Bono region, a self-acclaimed prophetess has been arrested for performing rituals with the blood of slain animals.

Prophetess Maame Vida, the leader of the King Jesus Fire Ministry, was dragged before the Ayimom community and reprimanded for slaughtering a sheep and a fowl to perform rituals in the bush.

She was caught together with some pastors of hers.

Report indicate they informed the assembly man they were performing some rites to pave way for the commissioning of a borehole.

Meanwhile, the assemblyman says they discovered a galamsey pit in a cocoa farm upon visiting the site, which did not corroborate the borehole story they were told.

“The boys followed them only to find out that it was not a borehole, but they had dug a galamsy pit, and they were using the blood from the slain animals to do the rituals so that they could mine the gold.

“Maame Vida said she was not aware that it was a galamsey pit because she was told that they were trying to dig up a borehole but needed to perform certain rites before they would be able to do it,” the assemblyman explained to Akwasi Bodua.

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