#FixTheCountry: Top 3 safety tips for protesters during COVID-19
FixTheCountry protest
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Despite the raging coronavirus pandemic, Ghanaians are determined to petition in large numbers to the government for a better Ghana. Here are the 3 tips to keep you safe and enjoy the new Ghana after the protest.

It is imperative to keep yourself and others safe whilst protesting for the #FixTheCountry agenda.

Maintain physical distance

It is advisable to walk in smaller groups at least six feet apart from each other. Try to stay with your group without intermingling with others from other groups. This could make contact tracing and containment easier in case of an outbreak.

Wear your mask

Covering your nose and mouth is the best way to keep out the virus, especially during a protest where physical distance is nearly negligible. Always make sure your mask is worn correctly and sanitize your hands before touching it. Remember that a wet mask is not effective against the virus, so please carry extras along, preferably in a Ziploc bag, and change when necessary.

Be careful what you touch

Keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. Frequently sanitize your hands to avoid mistakenly touching your face with dirty hands. Do not share your phones, water bottles, protest signs and other personal items with other protestors.

A peaceful march is a safe march. Stay protected. Stay safe!

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana