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National Executives of the Gonjaland Youth Association led by its president, Mohammed Amin Osman, have secured a court injunction against the elevation of the Nchuburung Chief of Kpandai Najoro-Wura to a paramountcy status.

The Association is among other things praying the court to direct for the withdrawal of a letter written by Registrar of the National House of Chiefs, Anthony Yeboah Tabiri, to the Northern Regional House of Chiefs announcing the elevation of Najoro-Wura to a paramountcy status.

At a press conference in Damongo Monday, September 19, 2022, PRO to the Association, Mufti Habib told journalists that, Kpandai is traditionally under the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs and as such, all chieftaincy related matters are expected to be handled by the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs.

“Kpandai is Gonjaland though administratively under Northern region and anything relating to tradition and custom In Kpandai must pass through the Savannah region house of chiefs,“ he stressed

According to the PRO, the Executives of Gonjaland Youth Association have briefed the Yagbonwura who is the patron of the Association and will use every legal means to quash that directive by the Registrar of the National House of Chiefs.

“Nchumburungs are our brothers and so if they are returning to Gonjaland as home that’s fine but we will not allow an inch of our lands to be taken away”

Mr. Muftawu Habib however expressed disappointment in the Registrar of the National House of Chiefs for writing such a letter without doing due diligence.

“Let me express the disappointment of the entire Savannah region and Gonjaland in the registrar of the national house of chiefs for acting ignorantly without due diligence and we call on him to withdraw the said letter”

Gonja’s and Nawuri’s have been battling over the rightful owner of Kpandai over the past decades since the Gonja-Konkomba war in 1994. Even though documents show Kpandai traditionally belongs to Gonja’s.

By Christopher Amoako|N/R|