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The Bolgatanga Municipal Director of Heath Services, Stephen Bordotsiah, has noted HIV infections among adolescents have increased.

He has described the development as a worry to health workers considering the fact that the youth forms majority of the population in Ghana.

Mr. Bordotsiah made the revelation at a durbur held for health workers in Bolgatanga on the need for professionalism and commitment in the management of HIV cases and other related medical conditions organised by the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) with support from the global fund.

He urged “everybody should come on board because this is the future of our land and it is important that everybody make sure that we are actually putting an eye on what adolescents are doing. At that age, most of them explore a lot and they learn certain things from their colleagues at school and they want to experiment.”

“Parents must be interested in what their children do, their interests, places they go to and the sort of friends they keep,” he added.

Mid year 2022, a total of 23,495 people in Ghana tested positive for HIV with and majority being the youth with the estimated positive population as of December 2021, being 350,000.

Other speakers at the durbur admonished parents and community leaders to devote more time to their adolescent and teenagers on their upbringing especially on reproductive health and lifestyles so as to protect and prevent the spread of HIV infections.

Health workers at the durbur have resolved to collaborate well with the public especially parents to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus. Health workers have also been advised to imbibe a culture of good interpersonal relationship with clients at the various health facilities to give much confidence and hope to clients facing health conditions.

By Mohammed Rabiu Tanko|UE/R|