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Organisers of Wednesday’s #FixTheCountry demonstration have announced that the successful organisation of their much-anticipated demonstration heralds an era of successive similar actions at the regional level across the country.

On Wednesday, August 4, protesters marched from Obra Spot, near the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange to the Black Stars Square, demanding improvement in the living conditions of all Ghanaians, and not an exclusive few.

Thousands joined the demonstration in Accra

Dubbed #FixTheCountry, the protest had started on social media but met several setbacks before being staged on the streets.

“We have seen state institutions go out of their way to deny the people of Ghana of their democratic rights,” the organisers said in a statement on Thursday, August 5.

“They have placed several roadblocks in our way. We have fought the long fight; and we have won against an unjust constitution that protects a kleptocratic political class.

“From counter hashtags, unlawful arrests, the killing of our activist, to court injunctions to relentless virilous propaganda. The fact that this demonstration finally came on is itself the biggest statement of the demonstration and will power of the people.”

In expressing gratitude to all who joined the demonstration, the organisers also thanked the police on duty on Wednesday.

“Their conduct yesterday should be the new standard for the management of crowds and mass gatherings across the country.”

They announced that the #FixTheCountry movement has just begun.

“Clarion calls have come from various regions indicating the intention to replicate #FIxTheCountry demonstrations in their places. We will announce new measures in due course.”

More to follow. . .

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana