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The gap between education in Africa and other continents elsewhere cannot be overemphasized as evidenced in their respective outcomes.

Host of Maakye on Onua TV/FM, Blessed Godsbrain Smart has reiterated the need for an overhaul in Ghana’s education system considering the lapses that’s not aiding in resolving the challenges confronting everyday life.

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According to him, education in Ghana is so theoretical that it virtually produces nothing to ease the difficulties of life.

During his rants on the Friday, January 20, 2023 edition of Maakye, he bemoaned the theoretical syllabus of the system compared to elsewhere China, Europe, America and other places.

Captain Smart as he is known in the media said whilst children are being taught to assemble devices to make inventions to simplify life, Ghanaian kids are being asked to draw and label grasshoppers.

Watch him analyse the issue from the video below:

By Felix Anim-Appau|