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In the lead-up to this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, BullGod of Bullhaus Entertainment has caused a stir by announcing plans to push for a secular artist to win the Artiste of the Year award over gospel artist Piesie Esther.

BullGod’s controversial statement has been met with backlash from many within the gospel music community, who see it as an attack on their genre and faith.

“We will not allow any gospel artiste to win the Artiste of the Year this time,” BullGod said on New Day. ” Piesie can come back in 2034 as far as she is not retiring. This year if you look at what our people in the world have done as in the Black Sherifs and Stonebwoys,”

This statement has led to a heated debate about the role of religion in music and the fairness of pitting secular and gospel artists against each other in the same category.

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Many gospel music fans and artists argue that gospel music deserves its own separate category, as it often carries a deeper spiritual message and purpose than secular music.

BullGod, however, maintains that the Artiste of the Year award should be based solely on talent and popularity, regardless of the artist’s genre or message.

“Church of Pentecost, Church of Presby, Anglican,” he stressed. “They can all join but they won win. Against Lucifer?? How?? They won’t win…This is Lucifer against God and God understands that will win”

This stance has earned BullGod both praise and criticism, with some applauding his commitment to fairness and inclusivity, while others accuse him of promoting secularism over gospel music and values.

As the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards draw near, the controversy surrounding BullGod’s statement is sure to continue, and it remains to be seen whether a secular artist will indeed take home the coveted Artiste of the Year award over Piesie Esther and other gospel artists.

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Source: 3News.com|Ghana