Empress Nana Ama McBrown is host of Onua Showtime with McBrown
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Get ready for a journey on an uncharted path, of entertainment, education, enlightenment and learning. Onua Showtime with McBrown will be one like no other.

Be transported into the lives of our guests and studio audience. Experience true life stories that will inspire and uplift you up; health discussions that will keep you healthy, nuggets of wealth that will aid your financial independence, social issues that matter, real life entertainment, exclusive cuisine and games.

Meet real life super heroes and find out what makes them tick. Be inspired by their struggles and celebrate their successes. Be impacted by emotional stories that touch the heart and impact our society.

Onua Showtime with McBrown. A show for the people. Featuring education, discussions, Music, Trends, Dance and Lifestyle Discussions.

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. It will be worth the experience. Watch the premiere of Onua Showtime with McBrown on Sunday, April 30, at 7pm.

Onua TV, yɛ dwene wo ho paa!

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