Prof. Ransford Gyampo is is a lecturer at the University of Ghana
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The rationalisation of the overnight projects that were initiated in Kumawu by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) prior to the May 23, 2023 by-election is an insult on the intelligence of Ghanaians according Prof. Ransford Gyampo.

The University of Ghana Professor says justifying the knee-jerk projects is tantamount to describing Ghanaians as fools who take anything from politicians without reasoning.

Speaking on the Key Points Saturday, May 27, 2023, he said it is only fools who would believe that the government undertook those projects in Kumawu because they were already planned and had nothing to do with the elections just as a deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Haruna Mohammed, sort to justify on the same show.

“I’m saying I’ve been a by-election watcher from 1992. This is what all political party leaders do and for me this is not right. Let us not rationalise and then say things in defence as if all of us are fools. Not all of us are fools; not all of us are gullible; not all of us swallow hook line and sinker the kinds of things that politicians tell us.

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“Ghanaians are descerning and they are able to read in-between the lines. It is important we make this point and call out politicians who do some of these things that you don’t serve the people well, it’s a serious affront to the expression of the popular choice and sovereign wills of the people if you try to buy their votes through some of these shoddy interventions,” he fumed.

Prof. Gyampo said the NPP abandoned Kumawu because they feel they are their stronghold and can take them for granted.

Explaining further that the Kumawu constituents themselves had been complaining about lack of development before the polls, he indicated such shoddy projects do not last since they are mainly meant to buy votes.

“They’re just aimed at influencing people to vote but they don’t last. Some of them are discontinued, immediately after the by-election they are whisked away. It’s like we were coming for your votes and we’ve got it, to hell with you.

“It is not fair and apart from that, let no politician come and sit here and to rationalise that these were things that we were doing already. If you do that you’re insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians,” he ranted.

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