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National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sammy Gyamfi has given the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) a course to worry over their victory in the Kumawu by-election Tuesday.

Ernest Yaw Anim of the NPP garnered 15,258 votes to emerge winner of the May 23 by-election which according to Sammy Gyamfi is a good news for the NDC juxtaposing it with their 2020 general election results.

He says the high voter apathy in the constituency, if it is anything to go by, means the NPP is losing votes as a result of their poor performance which will be at the advantage of the NDC.

In a Facebook post made by Mr. Gyamfi Tuesday, after the by-election, he indicated “the results from the Kumawu by-election is victory for the great NDC.”

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Find below his full post:

Sammy Gyamfi writes;

Folks, in the 2020 general elections, the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for the Kumawu Constituency got 2,493 votes representing 8.3% of valid votes, per the Electoral Commission’s certified results.

However, in the just-ended Kumawu by-election, provisional results collated by the NDC show that the Parliamentary Candidate for the NDC got 3,633 votes representing 16.94%. Note that this is more than an 8% increase of our 2020 parliamentary votes in percentage terms. Also, it means that, in nominal terms, the NDC has increased its parliamentary votes by 1,140.

It is instructive to note, that in the 2020 general elections, the NPP’s Parliamentary candidate for the Kumawu Constituency had 14,960 votes representing 51.11% of valid votes, while the independent candidate from the NPP’s fold had 11,698 votes representing 39.96% of valid votes.

Interestingly, in the just-ended by-election, the NPP candidate had 15,258 votes while the independent candidate garnered only 2,498.

What this means in nominal terms is that, after all the unprecedented vote buying we witnessed in Kumawu, the NPP managed to increase their votes by a paltry 298 (15,258- 14,960), while about 8,902 voters (11,698- 2,498-298) who voted for the independent candidate from the NPP’s fold in 2020, decided not to vote in the by-election at all.

Clearly, our friends in the NPP must be very worried about this alarmingly high voter apathy in Kumawu which can possibly reflect in the 2020 presidential polls.

Given the fact that Kumawu is one of the hard line traditional strongholds of the NPP in the Ashanti region and given the unprecedented vote buying the NPP and the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government engaged in the run up to this Kumawu by-election, the results from the Kumawu by-election is VICTORY for the great NDC. There is however more room for improvement for the NDC.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta.

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