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Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II, the Oguaamanhen’s dream, of rekindling the bond between the United States of America and Cape Coast is on course as his recent remarks have shown how determined he is to make that a reality.

The paramount chief of the Oguaa traditional area has said the U.S Ambassador’s presence at the 2023 Fetu Afahye was an indication that the hitherto relationship between America and Cape Coast is on course of being renewed.

He made the comments Saturday, September 2, 2023, at the grand durbar of the Oguaa Fetu Afahye which was attended by the Ambassador, Virginia Evelyn Palmer.

“Your presence here is cementing the special relationship between America and Cape Coast, and especially between yourself and Cape Coast as liaison officer to the White House. Very soon we’ll be calling on you to make arrangements for what is ahead of us. And when you go there, don’t think you’ve finished with Cape Coast. We’ll be calling on you anytime we need your presence here in Cape Coast,” he expressed.


When US Vice President Kamala Harris visited Ghana, she appointed Virginia Palmer to be the liaison between the Oguaa Traditional Council and the United States of America.

Ambassador Palmer’s role came as a response to a request made by Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II at the visit of Madam Harris to the Cape Coast castle which was granted to him immediately.

According to the chief, the liaison will enhance a cordial relationship between the Whitehouse and the paramountcy to help the latter embark on certain developmental projects through the former’s assistance.

Granting the request, Vice President Harris said she believes a good relationship will help both outfits constitute a stronger bond that will help them relearn history to teach younger generations of their ancestral pride.

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“I’ll now officially appoint a liaison, the Ambassador to Ghana, who is here with us, I’ll now appoint you Madam Ambassador to be official liaison to his Highness and to his extraordinary group of global leaders but I do appreciate the point that you’ve made and there is an unmistakable tie and bond and all relationships that are good relationship,” she stated.

“I too believe that we must remember history for many reasons especially in the face of attempt those who deny us and we must teach it but teach it also with an understanding that it should teach us not only about our past but about our destiny and our future that we must learn from it in a way that we make the ancestors proud,” she added.

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