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With revelations that came up at the 2020 presidential election petition at the Supreme Court, the NDC says they’re going to live to the saying, to be forewarned is forearmed. 

Former President and flagbearer hopeful of the opposition National Democratic Congress says the party will in 2024 go to the strong room of the Electoral Commission (EC) with their own tea and biscuits.

John Dramani Mahama says they are not going to accept any beverage from the EC this time around for it to cause them the election.

Rojo Mettle-Nunoo was one of the two agents of the 2020 NDC flagbearer in the National Collation Centre otherwise known as the ‘Strongroom’ during the December 7, 2020 polls.

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During his cross-examination by Justin Amenuvor, the lead counsel of the Electoral Commission, the former Deputy Health Minister who was the third witness for John Mahama, the petitioner, sought to clarify his meeting with Jean Mensa, the EC Chair.

Mr. Mettle-Nunoo had said he sought to meet with the EC Chair to lay bare some anomalies with some results that have come to the strongroom.

Clarifying how long Mrs. Mensa wasted his time whilst waiting for her, Mr Amenuvor asked him if he was offered tea and biscuits.

“Tell the court how long you were in the secretariat for?” he asked.

“It was a considerable length of time, because the commissioner was not there,” Mr Mettle-Nunoo answered.

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The lawyer further asked “and you left the Strongroom not so? And even while there, you were offered tea and biscuits, not so?”

To this the witness said, “I was offered tea, I wasn’t offered any biscuit.”

Some of the justices laughed their hearts out as the response drew the court into laughter, lightening the atmosphere for some few minutes.

An “order in court” from the Registrar is what settled the room after some time.

The fallouts from the hearing made the NDC a laughing stock where people trooped to social media to take their turns to tease the main opposition party in the country.

Addressing delegates in his Greater Accra tour Thursday, April 20, 2023, John Dramani Mahama said the NDC will match the NPP and EC officials boot for boot in 2024.

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“When I say it’s a do or die affair, it means that it is a critical election whether they put NPP Chairman on the Electoral Commission we shall match them boot for boot. We’re going to match them at the polling station, we don’t want to cheat anybody but we don’t want anybody to cheat us so we’re going to mark them at the polling station and make sure that no extra ballot papers come from somewhere into that ballot box,” he indicated.

He added that “we are not going to sleep, we’re going to match them at the collation centres. We will be in the collation centres until the last ballot is accounted for. We are going to match them in the Electoral Commission Strongroom. This time we don’t want tea, we don’t want biscuit. Those we select to go to the Strongroom we will give them our own tea and we will buy them digestive biscuits to go the strong room.”

Mr. Mahama further called for the involvement of the constituency and branch executives in the robot system they’re going to adopt to collate their results.

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“And we are putting in a robot system to transmit our results and you the branch and constituency executives are going to be involved.”

By Felix Anim-Appau|