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Convenors of the fix the country demonstration are advising participants to get tested after the protest march on Wednesday.

This is because of the violation of the social distancing protocol.

Others too took off their facemasks in order to shout or sing and to participate in the “Jama sessions”.

24 hours after the event, questions are being raised about the action of the participants.

One of the Convernors of the campaigners, Oliver Barker-Vormawor said “We are showing a sense of responsibilities around this so if you go to any of our social media platforms we are encouraging everyone who came out for the protest that you have to self – monitor for symptoms over the next 14 days; try to get tested within 3 to 5 days after the protest. I myself got tested yesterday after the event; that you must wear masks around members of your households and these are things that we are telling our people”.

He told host of the 3Fm’S Sunrise morning show Alfred Ocansey a day after the protest march.

The convenors also plan to hold a virtual press conference to advise everyone who came for the protest to get public health experts to break it down on what they need to do to protect themselves.

 “It is an important question and this is not something we will pussyfoot around or be dishonest about. There were thousands of people yesterday and so many people were protesting. The vast majority were masked and you can find out. There were many people who put their masks down because they wanted to shout or cry or drink water so we had marshals going round telling people to put on their masks”.

Meanwhile, 24 hours after the protests march, the government is yet to respond to the concerns and demands of the protestors who are demanding among other things constitutional reforms including article 71 office holders.

According to Vormawor the ‘loud- silence’ of the government is sad “We had to reflect on why after an event and 8 Million Ghanaians have shared their concerns on social media and there is no reaction from the government, how does that make us feel? As far as we are concerned we will just do the needful”.

The group said it intends to carry similar protests across all remaining 15 regions of the country and nothing will deter them to quit the protests and advise its members to prepare to strictly enforce the COVID-19 protocols.

“If we get people in 16 regions in this country all calling for a new constitution, new generation and development plan and leadership doesn’t listen then what does it tell you as a democracy? In our notice to the police we told them that we are notifying them of the first protest and there would be others because the bigger the first one- the better the next one so the plan of not making it Accra centered protest has always been there”.

By Richard Bright Addo|3FM||Ghana