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A former Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Sodzi-Sodzi Tettey has said he did not protest against the Akufo-Addo administration when he joined the Fixthecountry protest on Wednesday August 4.

He said on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday August 7 that he was protesting against the general hardships and the ills in the society in general.

Hundreds of Ghanaians including Dr Tettey joined the fixtehcountry demonstration in Accra to demand better conditions of service from the leaders.

Dozens begun the protest march from the Obra Spot.

Most of the protesters were in red with a few draped in the colours of the national flag.

From the Obra Spot, the protesters used the Farisco Traffic Light road at Adabraka through the TUC-Kinbu road and then ended up at the Black Stars Square.

Dr Sodzi-Sodzi Tettey who is a Council Chair for the Centre for Social Justice told host of the Key Points Dzifa Bampoh that “Thankfully the president said we should be citizens and not spectators and that really should be the mantra when we hold them accountable.

“Most of the time our politicians think they can get into the space and make all the declaration to you but there is no follow up, there is no accountability. I even if they do it what happens? So we need to not get tired, we need to stay engaged and we need to hold them accountable at all times.

“If you ask me whether when I went for the demonstration I was demonstrating against the NPP I will say no. I didn’t demonstrate against the NPP.

“In fact the demonstrators slammed all of the political leaders since 1992 the only person who was praised was President Nkrumah so it just tells you the focus. I think that we should divorce it from some of the partisan sentiments.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana