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Leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will over the next 30 days initiate a rigorous probe into the factors that led to some of their Members of Parliament betraying the party’s trust to affirm the new ministers nominated by President Akufo-Addo, sources close to OnuaOnline has disclosed.

The exclusive information picked up by OnuaOnline indicate the party is going to crack the whip on the over 30 MPs who fostered the approval of the nominees Friday, March 24, 2023, when fished out.

The party has therefore tabled seven (7) issues it would be looking into in the next 30 days according our source, following the unexpected outcome from last Friday’s exercise.

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The source has told us the strong relationship and association between some MPs and ministerial nominees would be the first under investigation.  Our source mentioned a former minister and another former deputy minister as being the subject of investigation.

Also, some senior NDC MPs who are unhappy with the timing for the change in leadership for the Minority and the manner it was carried engineered the sabotage by influencing some colleagues due to their relationship with the previous leadership of the caucus.

As indicated by Kweku Ricketts-Hagan on the KeyPoints Saturday, the shooting down of the approval of the nominees would have sort of given credence to an assertion of incompetence on the part of the previous leadership which was why some minority within the Minority didn’t want it to happen.

The National Executives Council will also investigate all first time MPs on the side of the Minority.

This is because, according to our sources, their inexperience and vulnerability may have gotten them influenced by some of the ministerial nominees and some senior NDC MPs who championed the sabotage.

Mr. Ricketts-Hagan for instance had said emphatically that the leadership of the party in Parliament knows that some of the NDC MPs were bribed.

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Additionally, apart from Ketu South MP, Dzifa Abla Gomashie, all NDC female MPs will be investigated for some suspicious allegiances which the party hierarchy is aware of.

Our source says the fifth issue which will be investigated in the next 30 days has to do with a young MP who has a past record of engineering a previous sabotage. A top party leader in the NDC is reported to have called this young MP for an initial conversation on this matter.

The video evidence of Minority MPs whilst they were voting during the secret balloting is also part of the subjects that would be subjected to scrutiny per OnuaOnline’s source.

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The NDC leadership has obtained videos of the MPs whilst voting and has a mechanism already in place to identify those who went contrary to the party’s directives.

The seventh and final one, is the deep contacts of the approved Food and Agriculture minister and MP for Abetifi, Bryan Acheampong with some NDC MPs.

There is reportedly an open relationship between Bryan Acheampong and some members of the new leadership of the party.

A former cabinet minister in the John Mahama administration has a relationship with Mr. Acheampong which will be a subject of probe within the next 30 days.

By Felix Anim-Appau|