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National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, has hit back at the ruling NPP’s reaction to their “True State of the Nation Address.” 

The NPP in a press statement had said the presser organised by the NDC is full of lies and propaganda which they will prepare and adequately provide response to.

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The Kodua Frimpong-signed release said the NDC is only good in “peddling blatant falsehoods, unsubstantiated allegations, and unprovoked attacks at the persons of the President, the Vice President and the Government of the NPP.”

“Ordinarily, the NPP would not have dignified Asiedu Nketiah’s empty statement and unmeritorious effusions with a response since he is no stranger to Ghanaians when it comes to such political theatricals,” the statement added.

However, they say “paying regards to the enormity of the allegations and falsehoods he spewed, the NPP has decided to set the records straight by responding to same with incontrovertible facts and data in order to assist discerning Ghanaians make an informed decision.”

Meanwhile, Sammy Gyamfi has said on Ghana Tonight Monday, March 20, 2023 with Alfred Ocansey that, the NDC is unperturbed by whatever the ruling party has to say about their ‘True State of the Nation Address.’

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According to him, the NPP’s posture is an affirmation of the NDC’s position that, the President has lost touch of the realities on the ground.

He says the fact that the NPP wants to provide defence for the President’s statement shows Akufo-Addo did not present the true state of the nation, hence their quest to repair the damage.

“…This will not change our position that this is a hopless bunch of people who do not know their left from their right. I mean your president and leader has presented a message on the state of the nation to Parliament already and they opposition has presented its counter narrative. Why would you want to organise another state of the nation address to counter what the opposition has done? If you believe in what your president did in the first place, clearly, by issuing this statement that they have issued today, they are admitting that the president peddled falsehood.

“The President’s state of the nation was totally hollow. Lawyers will tell you that when you see a lawyer giving a reply to a reply in court then it means that the lawyer’s case is very weak . If they had a solid case, I believe that it would have sufficed. But because they know the statement the President issued was hollow that is why they want to engage back and forth,” he rebutted.

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By Felix Anim-Appau||Ghana